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Testimonials from Technical Answer Group Clients

Millennium Pension Services, Inc.

"I truly would like to thank you for my unreasonable request early this morning and for responding within a flash! You provided me with the answers I needed.

Every one of you is always there to assist us... you guys are the best.....thanks again for making my pension world so much easier... "

The Newport Group

"Thank you. You provided a prompt and thorough reply, as always!"

Sheffler & Martin, Inc.

"We have been a TAG subscriber since 1995 and have been very pleased with TAG's technical support and very impressed with their response time. Using TAG as a technical resource saves us hours and hours of research time every year. TAG always provides the back up information as well for their answers so we know the source and can rely on the accuracy of TAG's answers.

As long as I am in this business I will continue to be a TAG subscriber!"

Hicks Pension Services

"TAG affords me the time I need to do more profitable tasks since I can rely on them to to my research. I usually know the answers but TAG gives me the cites, regs and/or other supplemental information I need to confirm my research and serve my customers and prospects. We've used TAG for years and I am extremely satisfied. Thanks!"


"Its wonderful to know you're there when I can't find anything definitive quickly. Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Makes my job a lot easier & let's me sleep at night."

Qualified Plan Services, Ltd.

We love you guys! You remind me of Santa. I ask for stuff and you bring it to me.
Great Service
Timely Responses
Very Knowledgeable
Thank You"

Swerdlin & Company

"We are so impressed by the services we receive from TAGDATA.COM. The rapid response time is unparalleled in our industry; we have confidence in the answers provided; and the web site is easy to navigate. It is a delight to work with the TAGDATA.COM staff!"

Summit Benefit Group

"Thanks for your assistance. I am really grateful for TAG as a resource."

The Actuarial Consulting Group

"I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you guys a happy holiday season. Thank you for being there for me again in 2003. I've learned quite a bit in the five years we've used your service. You are a tremendous resource that has elevated my knowledge."

CPI Qualified Plan Consultants, Inc.

"I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail and let you know just how much we appreciate your service. TAG has been absolutely GREAT!! Your service gives us the ability to respond to technical issues so much quicker than we were ever able to before and quite frankly, TAG is responsible for a lot of the success that we have enjoyed over the last couple years.

A huge "Thank You" is long over due from us here at CPI Qualified Plan Consultants, Inc."

United Benefit Pensions Inc.

"Our company has been using TAG for almost a year. I highly recommend their services to any TPA or professional firm associated with qualified plans who desires a knowledgeable edge on the competition. Their responses are complete, practical, accurate and timely. They also add additional information, IRS references and appear to have the insight to examine the situation we are inquiring on as if they have been in the situation before. I compare their services to hiring a group of diverse benefit specialist in your office, but at a fraction of the cost and only an email away.

We can also find most of the answers to detailed questions on their user-friendly website. The website also contains many useful forms, examples, spreadsheets and other tools used in the administration of qualified plans. The TAG conference I attended consisted of the most influential and knowledgeable speakers I have heard in this field. They presented the material in a practical and useful manner, instead of just a pure academic environment.

Please feel free to contact me at pcarmichael@ubpensions.com with any questions on their service.

Regards and thanks for all your help."

Uniglobal Pension Planning, Inc.

"Once again, I'd like to say that TAG has been an invaluable resource and I will gladly recommend it to anyone in the industry.

I've been using TAG for 2 years and the amount of time saved performing research has benefited not only myself, but my clients as well. The news updates, the numerous articles, and especially the Q&A section have been extremely useful in providing quick answers to tough questions.

Thanks for the great customer service."

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American Pension Corporation

Thank you for your answers to the "401(k) to SIMPLE 401(k)" questions. Excellent. You all are like having a "security blanket." I write you to get rid of my "what ifs." You make it easier for me to sleep at night. As always, I appreciate your precise, professional, responses. Enjoy the New Year's Celebrations - I now can.